Your Window Seat Is Available – Part 2 Interview with Guest MC Medina continues 

MC Medina: So, ladies and gentlemen, we are good to go! Celebration! Oh man, I wish I had some more noise-making material over here!

Oneness Was Always Here

MC Medina: Yes, the age of Aquarius, the Age of Enlightenment, that’s exactly what the organic program of the universe has called for planet earth today.

Debra:  Yes, and how does it help that oneness become more real? Because it’s not like the oneness went away, right? Oneness was always here.

MC Medina:  Oneness was always here. What happened in the world that we get born into is constantly feeding us media, images, and music. Let’s say, we’ve been so entangled with our five senses that there’s a sense of forgetting. You know how people say sometimes mention reincarnation? Reincarnation is a thing where you have had a life before you may have a life after this life. Right? So why don’t we remember the things that we discovered in the previous life? And a lot of that has to do with [pause] wouldn’t that be awesome if we could just continue to add on the knowledge lifetime after lifetime?

Debra:  I think so; I have had moments of déjà vu. So yeah, I sort of have moments when I realized that I had another life before this. And a lot of times, it’s when I go to certain places for the first time. It’s like déjà vu, I’ve been here before. And in this life, I know I haven’t been here before. But it’s just like okay, and it’s just a flash, and then I just let it go.  

Emotions Dictate Your Frequency

MC Medina:  So, from the information that I’ve uncovered, because of our rebirth process and being reincarnated like being brought back into a physical vessel. 

In order for us to survive, we have been programmed to believe and conditioned to believe that we have to maintain a certain level of self-identity—this self-identity. Also known as the ego-mind as opposed to the spirit-mind. And the ego-mind is a universal ego-mind, and the spirit-mind is a universal spirit-mind. So, we can all tap into depending on whatever frequencies we choose to be resonating at in any given moment. What dictates what frequency you’re resonating at dictates your brain and your mind’s ability to stay in gratitude, in harmony and peace and bliss.

There’s a whole list of negative emotions, like jealousy, envy, anger, frustration. Then you got positive emotions like happiness, gratitude, blissful feelings, and contentment, satisfaction. So, we want to be able to stay in those positive emotions. Because by staying in those positive emotions, we’re able to maintain a certain frequency that allows us to, what I say, what I call… It allows us to open and maintain the gates of abundance.  

When we talk about the Law of Attraction and the Universal Law of Oneness and the ego-mind and all of these things, they are simply reminders. And we start to resonate with that. The reason why I say that is because even though we were born and think that we forgot everything, we stumble across this information again in this lifetime. That’s why we have a sense of remembering because we did and do already know this.  

Debra: It’s a part of us.  

Star Beings

MC Medina: It’s in our DNA as Star Beings. As star beings, the thing is that we’re we are made of stardust. If you haven’t already heard that, then now you know. We’re made of the same elements that the whole universe Is made out of. According to quantum physics and scientists and big group studies, we are the embodiment of the universe. So, when we think about that and we know that God Is love. God is in everything. That means the universe Is In everything. Love is in everything. And so, anything other than unconditional love is just an illusory construct of the universal ego-mind.

Debra: Right.

Why there is no Oneness Among Us

Debra: MC Medina is going to enlighten us with, maybe, it might be the answer why there is no oneness among us. Is it love? Is it a lack of love?

MC Medina: You know I was just going to say one last thing. Universal love is all that exists. Everything else Is part of the grand Illusion of separation, and the first universal law clearly addresses this. I heavily recommend, highly recommend everybody check It out after we get done here.

Debra: That’s perfect. I mean, love was what helped me get over grief. You know, and that’s why I called my book, My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief. And sometimes the separation in the physical world throws you sort of a loop. You have these moments from the Grand Illusion that come into you, and then you have to use that positive love to say, okay, I don’t want to be angry that she’s gone. You know she loved me. I loved her. 

We had a loving relationship. If you did not have one, you know, I mean, you can still love the time that was there. You know, because everybody’s relationship with someone may not be the same. But it is the love in you and your understanding of, like you said, a universal love. This is what’s going to help you bring yourself back to the positive side and experience more positive emotions. Instead of those negatives ones that Ruben talked about. And that’s the whole thing about love conquer grief. And I really believe that a lot of people feel like they have to either feel really, really bad or when they feel bad, they can’t reach out. Right? But you must reach out because we’re one. Right! You remember you told me that:

“I” is in illness, and “we” is in wellness.” You told me that.

MC Medina: Yeah, that’s what we’re going to do. Yeah, we’re going from illness, which is an “I,” and we’re moving into wellness, which is “we.” It’s destroying the Grand Illusion of Separation. We’re all in this thing together. And I’m not talking about just our brothers and sisters—the children of tomorrow, our elders. I’m talking about all that plus nature, the animal and plant kingdom, the insects, the fungus we’re all in this thing together. Like there’s no grass, there’re no trees, there’s no green, nothing without the gigantic, mycelium body that’s around the whole planet.

Debra: Right, and I really believe that’s why we feel good when we look at nature when we see nature. I really feel like that’s why we connect so well with it, right? Because we are one with it.

MC Medina:  We must be able to recognize the harmonic nature of the natural world and how everything just works in sync and in symbiosis. There’s zero waste in nature. So, in our natural state, we’ve discovered what? Unconditional love. Everything else is an Illusion. Yes, our natural state is abundance and bliss. Our natural state is zero waste. There is no waste in nature. I’m becoming a minimalist and learning about recycling. And taking recycling to the next level, which is zero waste. I highly recommend people get into that as well.

I have a whole team that’s dedicated to zero waste and zero waste avocation. Educating people on the benefits of zero waste. How to turn your business and home into zero waste. How and why it is beneficial to be zero waste. Well, for one, you’re taking the trash out of the waste stream. Which if y’all don’t know, trash is a big deal on planet earth. There are places on planet earth where there are just piles of trash and so becoming zero waste, and it will also help you make money because you can monetize waste. Yes, that’s the hack, so when we look at nature, we see this harmony, and that’s what brings the feelings of harmony within us just like what you said.

How to Get In Touch With Us and Your Grief and Loss Journey

Debra: You know we can go on and on. We’re gonna have to wrap it up. We probably have about 15 minutes to our hour. We thought we could do this in 30 minutes, but we could go on for hours. I really appreciate having the chance to talk to you and on your Facebook Live, Ruben. Nice meeting all y’all, and I am from here in Arkansas, Mississippi, so I can say y’all.

MC Medina:  Arkansas, Mississippi, baby!

Debra: Tennessee, all through that tri-state area right along the Mississippi (River). I’ve lived everywhere else, but I’m back here, and this is home, and I’m loving it. I really am. I also want you guys to tune in. In the information, you’re going to show them how to get to both of our websites. I’m at And my podcast is #empathyforgrief. You can get it through most podcast providers, but you can get it on my website too. I’d love you guys to leave a comment with Ruben or with myself and tell us what you think about this. This is going to also be out on YouTube.

My YouTube is Mother’s Backyard Enterprise, and I am going to let Ruben give you all his data. And like I said, if you are grieving the loss of a loved one or you know someone who is my bookMy Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief by Debra Hester. It’s a brief read; I call it the little golden book. It lets a person see what it’s like to go through grieving. And come out loving more than when you started the grieving process. It gives you a way to talk about grief. Some people don’t want to talk about this, and I’m breaking the silence.

So, if you see somebody who’s struggling, and they don’t want to talk about it. Both of you guys can read the book, then you can say, well, you know when Debra was going through this, she felt bad, blah…blah. What do you think about this? It gives you a way to begin the conversation with somebody who might not want to start the conversation. You might not know how to start the conversation, but it gives you this other thing to sort of talk about until they say, “oh yeah, I can relate to that. I felt that way.” I encourage you to purchase my book. I’m working on a lot of things; The podcasts are free. I just want to get it out there. I want people to feel that they can get better. It’s a journey that comes and goes. There are lows, and there are highs, but I want you to just keep moving.

Debra: You’re going to hear a little bit more about Move Music and Talk Radio because that is the next thing we’re going to be doing and putting some of MC Medina’s music and words into Move Music and Talk Radio right here on Got my little ad back here. That’s where we’re streaming live online. You can get that on the internet.  So, Ruben, I’m going to let you wrap this up. That’s sort of my spiel, and I’ll turn It over to you to share all the good things that you are contributing to our world that we all need to know about.

How to Reach Out to A Spirit Guide

MC Medina: Thank you so much, Debra. Once again, thanks, everybody, for watching and listening. This is Mother’s Backyard, I’m just a guest here in Ms. Hester’s world right now. And yes, make sure y’all check out that book. It’s available on her website, so y’all can order that. Another thing, I always like my listeners to know, our listeners to know. We’re really, really dedicating a huge part of our human existence, Debra and I. We’re actively striving to make this world a better place. If you feel like your back is against the wall, call my phone. It’s 214, I’m serious 214, right grab a pen, grab something 214-815-8555. Now check it out, that’s my real phone number, seriously. If somebody calls that number right now. it’s going to cut off the Facebook live. Because I don’t even have one call right now, okay. Don’t do that. That’s my real phone number. If I don’t answer, leave a message or send me a text or whatever I’m about this life, and I promise you, it’s not the end of the world.

Once you read once you get to these points and get the downloads that Debra and I have to share with you, heartache and pain are a thing of the past. And we’re creating new moments and new experiences at this moment for you now. So, you’re not alone. We’re here to help. We are all spirit guides. We’re all here to guide others and also be guided by elders. Yes, and others too. Sometimes I find myself being led by younger people.

It’s a Calling. Are You Answering Yours?

Debra: Absolutely. My dad told me the story. I got to share with you really quickly because he said: “many are called, and some are chosen.” And I was like, “many are calling some are chosen? I don’t get it, Dad. ” He said, “Okay, when there’s an opening for a job, they send out the opening and all people come and interview; but only a few get the jobs.” That’s where there are some people, and that may not be an age, right. You just never know. But when you experience it, you know that that person’s been chosen to do what they’re supposed to do. Everybody out here has been chosen to do something they’re supposed to be doing in this world. So, we want you to find out what you are supposed to be doing. Yes, as part of this solution and this new Age of Aquarius. So yeah, that’s what we do, just motivate each other.

MC Medina: Yeah, well, that’s a lot of the work that I’ve been doing for close to the last two decades. And a lot of work I do with the Native American church nonprofit. We, I’ve been dedicating my life, and we’ve helped several people. I was about to lie and say hundreds because it sounded good. But I probably have helped hundreds, because of the videos and everything else. But I’ve helped, so we’ve helped so many people just one on one that I’m a professional at helping people discover what their purpose is. Then, helping to generate passion behind that purpose so we can continue to drive you forward onto your personal path of enlightenment, self-mastery, self-awareness. And unlocking the you that your future self will truly be grateful for. So reach out to us. We’ve got big websites. Again, my phone number is 214-815-8555. Call me too okay and, #empathyforgrief. We also have, that’s, and that is where you’re gonna find music. And I am going to be uploading this podcast transmission right here, this transmission right here, yo! It’s going to be on on the home page, homegirl and homeboys, home people.

Debra: Okay, all right, well, with that, I guess we need to sign out and just thank you, everyone.

MC Medina: Oh, sorry, there’s one more,

Debra: Oh, that’s right I know it’s a lot, But yo, I gave you my phone number. And just be like, yo, what was the name of that long one that you said that ended in dot org? And then I’ll be like, yeah, this is it right here.

Debra: And we’re going to put it in the notes and everything, so you’ll have links and the whole thing. All you gotta do is reach out.