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“The backyard was a place of refuge in my mother’s eyes.”

Debrah Hester

A place whose meaning speaks beyond the book, My Backyard Garden and beyond the death of our loved ones to our grief journey.  That’s why I invite you to Mother’s Backyard Buzz and #empathyforgrief.

My hopes and prayers are that the blog, Mother’s Backyard Buzz will grow into a movement and speak to the grief journey of mothers, parents, caregivers, children and ultimately to families, communities, organizations, professionals, corporations and governments.

During my mothers last days, she shared the God inspired prophesy and wisdom that:

“The backyard is where we get our love and nourishment, a safe place, a place that parents and families should create for our children; so our children won’t look out, to the front yard, to the world, for the direction they should get from home.”

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