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MOVE Mapping™

We work with talented professionals  

MOVE Mapping™

MOVE from Pain Points to Peace and Productivity

MOVE Mapping™ 

A transformational experience for individuals, teams, organizations, families and friends.  

What We Do

Inspire – Inform – Transform 

We focus on inspiring a growth mindset and resilience in those who are dealing with loss.

We help people pinpoint their journey and move forward with more empathy less sympathy for self and others instead of getting stuck and struggling in silence.

We call it MOVE Mapping .™ 

#empathyforgriefandloss is the bases for the approach. We show you how to build resilience from a traumatic and disruptive life event. 

MOVE Mapping™ creates experiences that go beyond the typical virtual and in-person development and coaching programs or workshops.  We pinpoint your needs, embrace your culture, and apply our creative and proven approaches.  Together, we create a unique experience that :

  • Inspires change through a work-life balance approach to surfacing and addressing pain points, problems, and challenges that impact productivity.
  • Informs participants on how to adopt our unique combination of life and leadership skills and techniques and create peace and productivity in their lives.
  • Transforms the mindset to one of ongoing action and advocacy in both their personal and professional environments.

We guide participants through the life-cycle of a traumatic loss with ongoing “when you need it” resources.  The MOVE Mapping™ experience works for individuals, teams, leaders and organizations. Families, friends and groups benefit from our experience as well.  Loss happens in many ways. Whether the loss of a loved one or a lifestyle,  grieving that loss is a journey we all will take.

Why not pinpoint it and move from the pain points to peace and productivity with MOVE  Mapping.™

Losing a lifestyle or a loved one is a difficult time for yourself, your family, friends, clients, employees or members. Do you want to offer them support that can mean more than an acknowledgment, and last longer; now and throughout the years?      

If you don’t want to send the usual message or response,  then give them support that is meaningful, affordable, unique and can be useful to individuals and shared within a family as they move through their journey.   Offer MOVE Mapping™ and #empathyforgrief and loss resources.

About Us - Mother's Backyard Enterprises

Bhakti Karkare

Bhakti Karkare is a new age Learning & OD professional who believes that learning belongs in the flow of work and at the point of need. Bhakti’s mission is to help organizations translate and scale informal workflow learning into organizational capability. She specializes in bringing diverse cultural insights into designing and executing global learning and change interventions.

A facilitator at heart, Bhakti is passionate about the role facilitation plays in creating a learning culture and evangelises building these capabilities in others. Bhakti has over 10 years of corporate experience at global organizations like Amdocs and Fujitsu, where she has successfully managed complex and sensitive interventions.

Bhakti’s experience of having worked with learning teams across the globe has helped her develop an intuitive way to connect with audiences across cultures, generations and hierarchies.

Areas of Expertise

Adult Learning Principles| Facilitation| Managerial Development| Organizational Capability building |Workflow learning | Growth Mindset Practices| Learning Consulting|


  • MBA in Human Resource Development
  • Masters in Labor Law and Welfare
  • Bachelors in Microbiology
  • Dale Carnegie certified facilitator

– Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – 

We work with talented professionals who share our vision and are equipped to contribute to yours.

MOVE Mapping™ Founder

Debra Hester

Mary Debra Hester-Clifton’s passion is for the art and science of personal transformation. She is a SHRM Senior Certified Human Resource professional and certified leadership and professional development coach and mentor who advocates empathy for grief and loss.

As founder and CEO of Mother’s Backyard, she developed two organizations and a MOVE Mapping™ approach to address the limited amount of ongoing support, resources, and structures in place for people struggling with traumatic loss and grief.

Under her pen name, Debra Hester, is the award-winning author of My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief.  Her book is the foundation for bringing awareness to understanding and moving beyond a traumatic event to #empathyforgrief and loss for self and others.

Debra is a skilled writer, facilitator, and visualist who creates and produces media, communication, marketing, and digital strategies that drive awareness to adoption for Mother’s Backyard and her clients’ organizational change initiatives. She has worked globally as a people and process improvement consultant and leader for organizations like KPMG, T.Rowe Price, Discover Card, ADP and Chase.


  • M.A. Human Resources Management
  • B.A. Broadcast Journalism
  • Minor: Management Information Systems
  • Social Media Marketing Certificate
  • NABOB Media Sales Institute Fellow
  • Corporate Coach U Certified
  • MBTI Qualified
  • Situational Leadership II & High Performing Teams Certified
  • Management Mentor’s Program Manager Certified
  • Senn Delaney’s Advanced Leadership Coach, Teambuilding & Culture Change Workshop Facilitator
  • Development First – Management and Executive 360 Feedback Trained – Korn Ferry -Ninth House – PDI
  • Jack Phillips Level 5 (ROI) Training Measurement

Jim Molloy

Jim Molloy is a seasoned facilitator, consultant and relationship manager.  He has worked with and facilitated learning experiences for audiences in 10 countries.  Jim has designed and implemented scores of solutions to help individuals and teams identify where they are now and adopt the tools and resources necessary to change. 

The application of his solutions have earned organizations national recognition from the National Investment Company Service Association (NICSA), The Dalbar Company, and American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), and the Malcolm Baldridge Award for Quality. 

Jim has written about, facilitated, and lectured government agencies, both private and public employers including Financial Services and Oil and Gas on strategies for learning, employee engagement, safety, change and talent management. 

Seasonally, Jim spends time helping the Monarch caterpillar achieve individual transformation to safely emerge without resistance from predators, earning him the title: “Butterfly Whisperer.”  


  • M.S. Training and Organizational Development
  • B.A. Psychology & Criminal Justice
  • Adjunct Teaching Faculty, University of Houston
  • Teaching Faculty, University of Maryland

Impacted emotionally by COVID-19?

Learn How to Show Yourself and Others More Empathy and a Way To MOVE Forward. 

Whether it is the loss of a lifestyle or a loved one, the grief from loss is a journey we all will take.   

Let MOVE Mapping™ be your guide.

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