Portal Focus

Welcome to Mother’s Backyard Buzz and #empathyforgriefandloss episode #16 – Part 1 where I want to focus on a “Portal to Another World”. Each episode is all about “breaking the silent struggle” around grief and loss. My podcasts are based on my personal grief and loss journey and reflections from my book: My Backyard Garden – A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief. I’m reflecting on Chapter 1 of my book entitled “A Change of Planes”. From my book, I share current insights into this life-changing journey called grief and loss. Thanks for joining me, Debra Hester, as the author and your host of #empathyforgriefandloss podcast.

A Couple of Firsts

This is an exceptional podcast for me. As always, there are no chance meetings. In Episode #16, you will be hearing a new format. This topic will also have two episodes dedicated to it. This format is transitioning #empathyforgrief podcast to a video series on the Mother’s Backyard Enterprises Channel on YouTube.

You will be listening to a pre-recorded conversation with my very first guest. His name is Ruben Medina. We met virtually, and I recorded his interview via Zoom as he shared it “live” on Facebook. The discussion includes fun and earnest insights on how to create a Portal to Another World when you’re suffering from grief and loss. Ruben not only shares some of his wisdom but also some of his inspirational music. My favorite song by MC Medina is “Wake Up.” As always, loved ones, I hope you find this episode helpful and inspirational. 

Portal Pre-Recorded Conversation Begins

Medina: So ladies and gentlemen, we are good to go…celebration!  Oh man, I wish I had some more noise-making material over here! 

Debra: All right, well for me, it’s welcome, especially all your guests! You know this is my first time and I really look at you as a God-sent because I don’t think I would have done this alone. So I really needed a partner to get me to this Facebook live experience. And here he is Mr. Ruben Medina M.C Medina and you know, as I said, no chance meetings, right? This was just amazing how we met online and just sort of having a very similar vision. and when I talked to him and understood sort of where his head was I knew that he needed to be a guest on #empathyforgrief Break the Silent Struggle with Grief and Loss. And I can only say that I hope this isn’t the last time.

Medina: Good afternoon, thank y’all for checking in I got a homie with me. We haven’t even met, but I’m calling her my homie because we did on such a deep spiritual level.

Her name is Miss Debra Hester and she’s got books and she’s got all types of stuff. Y’all can’t see her right now but we’re doing this on Zoom video for the first, I mean this is my first time. Yeah, this is both of our first time doing the podcast video style, big quarantine style. No masks today I thought about wearing one just for aesthetic purposes but then I thought I should probably have gloves too.  And I don’t have gloves so we just threw out the whole idea.

But we’re definitely more than six feet apart right now, so we’re good.

Debra: I’ll go through the front end about the podcast a little bit. It’s all about breaking the silence struggle with grief. This is my 16th podcast of #empathyforgrief. You can get podcasts anywhere you download podcasts.  It is available through most podcast providers. What I do is, every podcast I talk about a subject from my book. 

I wrote this book, “My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief.” And it chronicles the last days of my mother’s life.  and she was like my everything and I lost her.  I had a long time, don’t get me wrong and she was ready to leave this world. She had lived a long, healthy life and she was only ill near the end. So that’s a blessing in itself. 

But she told us all these different things. She had a chance to tell all the grandkids, the kids, and her great-grandchildren. What she told me is this is your book. So I actually wrote this book, “My Backyard Gardening, A Memoir of How Love Conquerors Grief.  

I named it “My Backyard Garden” because my mother said that you know God had prepared her and that she wasn’t afraid to die. And that he had told her to help the children because the children go out into the world for the things that they should get in their own backyard, so “My Backyard Garden, is the name of the book. “My Backyard” because she left us with a lot of love.  

And I struggled so until I realized other people were struggling and I just started creating a podcast because it’s a journey. You know grief is a journey we all will take. And this particular episode is about “Portal to Another World.”  Yes, right? 

“Wakeup” to A Portal

Medina: Yes, and you heard that here first, okay! I said they heard it here first, the MC Medina experience is “Portal To Another World” and that’s where we’re gonna take you guys right now.  Thank y’all for tuning in!

Debra: Exactly! Exactly, and you know as you can tell Ruben is so charismatic, right!  He has all these different talents, music!  I love his music! If you see the video of this we’re going to make sure that his music is in here!  Right? Because he has one song, we wanted to play right here that’s called “Wake Up” because that’s what we’re talking about, you know, wake up. We gotta, sometimes. 

You need a portal to another world. You need to get away from where you are. And that’s where I found myself,I found myself on my way to my mother’s bedside before she passed. On the plane, in the public, you know, breaking down wanting to cry, wanting to throw up, wanting to faint. Everything, but I couldn’t right? 

And that’s sort of like how we are today. You know, every time you go out in public, you got to be wrapped up and wrapped your head and hands covered So if there are times when you just have had enough, you know what I mean, out in public and you just need this time to getaway. 

Our minds are wonderful! That’s one of the things I want to talk about. You know, if you have been stuck in a public place and grief or loss strikes you. What do you do?  You create that “portal to another world.” The way I do it is just imagining that I’m somewhere else.I will close my eyes or keep my eyes open so I won’t be really strange looking to folks. But in my mind, I am somewhere else. In that portal.It is under construction and in a few minutes, I’m gonna be through that portal and with the people in the place that brings peace and stability to me. 

So I know you know so much, Ruben, about how to bring peace and how to find yourself and things like that.  Tell us how you would do that.  Tell us your perspective on that “Portal to Another World” and how to manifest that in the real world.

Medina: Oh man, I know I’m gonna get deep with you now. I like how we’re starting off in the deep end already. 

Debra: I mean #empathyforgrief gets deep now.  You know we don’t make any excuses for taking people where they are or meeting them where they are, how high, low, medium, or deep they want to go.

Medina: Yeah I like it and you know Hispanic and Black folks, we’re not used to the deep end either. We stay in shallow water so this is kind of out of the ordinary for us in that regard, metaphorically speaking. 

But thank you so much, first of all, everybody being here. Thank you, Debra, for having me on. I’m so excited about this! Hope y’all can see it in my face it should be glowing! It’s glowing. It’s glowing hard because you mentioned the “Wake Up.”I gotta do this if we can. We could even do this a cappella. So check it out, 

“It’s Wake up, wake up, wake up for you forgotten who you are. Travel far from home we come from the stars. Not just above you the one in your third eye. Your golden self, the you who sees through the lies came here to learn to see beyond the illusion, truth about this hyper-dimensional transfusion. Each day a new experience unlocks an old memory. This body is extension of source, accessory, we’re all light vibrating to create this form. So do your spark I mean do your part to be a spark in the storm. I’m looking, I’m looking for a lighter.  That’s all right, do your part to be a spark in the storm Ripples create waves so be the change you wish to see. Act from the heart, love is the only key. Don’t stop there because it’s just so much you can learn. This world and those beyond keys waiting to be turned. Take a look around what’s hidden in plain sight. Sacred “G” and Fibonacci all the way into infinity.” 

Medina: That’s it we got a lot going on there. 

Debra: That’s word. 

Medina: Best word right, bars, bars! 

Debra: Right, right, right, right and you’re so right.  You know as brown and black people I mean we just know how to have a good time. But we’ve endured so much until we just know how to cover up stuff. Don’t we? But you know then on the other side is that I think we are connected to Source. 

Medina: Right, we are connected to Source. Yeah, we’re one race on the planet according to all the greats and uh what they call ascended masters or even people like Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle. People who have claimed a certain level of self-mastery. 

Debra: Right, right, we’re all connected to Source. And sometimes our brothers and sisters who are farther from Source we need to help them. I was listening to a lady the other day and she said “I don’t want to call people out.” “I want to call people in.”  I thought that was wonderful, right!  We want to call people in; so they can be closer to the source. 

Medina: Yes! what I say,  “we’re calling you, from the north to the south side, calling you, y’all gotta come on and take a ride! Calling you! 

Debra: Exactly, we calling you in! And that’s what #empathyforgrief is, you know because I found out that so many people are suffering from some traumatic event in their life. It can be a loss of a loved one. And all of a sudden grief and loss came up after  COVID-19. But there have been people who are grieving from loss way before Covid-19.  You know with all of the deaths and all of the wars and you know just not having what they feel like they need. All of that’s a loss. And now the whole world knows what it’s like to lose your lifestyle, right? 

People are struggling over losing that lifestyle; but, some of us been losing our lives, and our families and having to deal with it.  So, that’s what this is all about #empathyforgrief for yourself. Show yourself some empathy! Yeah, show yourself some love, some understanding. That’s what empathy is, treat yourself with care, and treat others with care and love. Right? And we gotta break the silence. Don’t keep this quiet. I mean look at those beautiful verses.

Wake-Up – the Song Lyrics

Oh, say it again, it’s just wonderful! We all need emotional lifesavers. 

Song: “Wake Up” playing…not just above you the one in your third eye. Your golden self the you who sees through the lies. Came here to learn to see beyond the illusion. Truth about this hyperdimensional transfusion. Each day a new experience unlocking old memory this body is extension of source accessory. We’re all right vibrating to create this form.So do your part to be a spark in the storm. Ripples create waves to be the change you wish to be. Act from the heart, love is the only key. Don’t stop there cause there’s just so much you can learn. This world and those beyond keys waiting to be turned. Open up what’s around hidden in plain sight. Take a “G” and Fibonacci all the way into infinity.  Wakeup love, for you’ve forgotten who you are! Wake up wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up for you’ve forgotten who you are. Travel far from home we come from the stars.Manifest your intention with the power of your mind. Meditative freedom and freedom you will find. This isn’t new age jargon this is something that is real. It’s something that is lived something you can feel.It’s just my art don’t believe it for me. Go and journey on your own and share what you see. As collective consciousness together we will grow. Create your own reality as above so below. Source is the course that we’re all headed on. Don’t be spiritually broke cause there’s nothing to pawn. Dive into yourself and hear the beautiful song of the universe singing like it has all along. Get your strengths from the foods that you’re eating. Must have strengths for the words that you’re speakin To reach and teach the weary and the weak in, the energy to practice the words you’re preaching. Put their words into action like a digital priest. I’m peace it’s peace. I’m like a digital priest. Put them words into action like the digital priest. M.C. Medina never gonna stop, never gonna cease. Put them words into action like a digital priest. This peace is peace, I’m like a digital priest. Never gone stop never gonna cease. M.C Medina putting it down like a digital priest. Peace. Wake up, wake up, for you’ve forgotten who you are. Travel far from home, we come from the stars. Wake up, Love. You’ve forgotten who you are. Travel far from home, we come from the stars.

Portal Life Hacks

Debra: So what are some other ways that we can create these emotional lifesavers, through this portal to another world? You know we were talking a little bit about creating at least, that’s how I do it. Create it. And I know that you probably do it by creating songs and verses. Right? Is that your way? 

Medina: I do, I enjoy like you, I enjoy writing. Recently, more of the writing has been going on in my head and I haven’t been like there would be times where I would wake up in the middle of the night and I’m fully prepared. Things start just coming, downloads from source, or the great creator spirit as we call it in the Native American organization that I’m a part of. The great creator spirit will inspire us and I’d be popping up in the middle of the night and just start writing stuff down. 

I want to go ahead and dive straight into it because you’ve been able to really hack life.  I want to do a video series called MC Medina’s 50 Life Hacks. Little tidbits. And you’ve been able just after having several conversations with you I have seen you have been able to utilize a lot of these life hacks. 

Now a lot of these life hacks, I’m gonna just bestow the knowledge on to everybody right now. If you want to have a head start in being the best you, you can be or being a “G.”  And when I say being a “G,” I don’t mean a gangster or gangsters I mean a god or a goddess. Yes. And for the gender non-specific gender folks, it can be a combination of whatever you want. Okay, so there’s no right and wrong here. And be very prideful of whatever it is that you are, please, everybody.  

So the 12 Universal Laws are ancient knowledge from ancient civilizations starting with the Sumerians, the Native Americans going into Africa, the Ancient Egyptians and then all of that culture infiltrated into what we know as the Ancient Mayans, Incas, and the different indigenous all over the world. This is something that I’ve studied. 

And after speaking with people at the School of Metaphysics in Dallas, I got a chance to speak with faculty and students there. The 12 Universal Laws aka God’s Law.  

Debra: Can you tell everybody metaphysics.. you know a lot of people you know don’t understand metaphysics. I mean they may have tried to avoid taking physics in school. LOL! So the metaphysics is a little different than physics so you know we might want to clarify that for people.

Medina: Okay, so good that’s a good point. We have our physical world which is this vessel that we’re currently utilizing to engage in the five senses and it can do fun spiral things like that. I was in ceremony one-time doing Ayahuasca and I did that and it was just one of the most mind-blowing experiences that I had and I was just looking and moving my hands. It was like remembering how important just our breath is. Yes. Type of moment where you’re just enchanted by the simplest thing of the mechanics of your hands. Anyways, the 12 Universal Laws, Is that where we were?  

Debra: Yes, you were about to tell us, I wanted you to tell them about metaphysics and you did that.  

Medina: So the physical world this is this. and then metaphysics is another way of saying spiritual, esoteric there are more words for this.  

Debra: Like energy? Okay. I hear energy, waves, things that you can’t see. But you can feel. 

Medina: Yes, there’s that. Yeah, for all my empaths out there. Thank you for being empathic. Trust in that characteristic and that gift that you have because being an empath definitely helps us move love into the world. And so yeah so what we’re using then is whenever people say “catch the vibe” or you know can you catch my vibe it’s sort of saying are you able to see me with your mind’s eye with your third eye. And your mind’s eye is what we use when we want to visualize a desired outcome. And in visualizing a desired outcome that’s essentially like prayer. Because when we’re praying we find ourselves being in gratitude like we’re saying thank you, God. So we’re being in gratitude and then once we express our gratitude now we feel comfortable asking for things, right? 

So normally we’re like thank you God uh for everything that I got now check this out Man, I need help paying the rent this month. Exactly. Right?  And so what we’re essentially doing is we’re visualizing in our mind’s eye different either money being deposited into your bank account. Or if you’re a freelance worker it’s a check that’s given to you somehow. Maybe even electronically, but we’re able to visualize with our mind’s eye our desired outcome. 

Debra: Or health, let me put that out there. Some you know because all of it doesn’t have to be…we can heal ourselves to some degree. You know what I mean?  You can bring healing to yourself, to your mind, and your spirit because a lot of people, especially with my podcast. Ruben, I know you’re my first guest. People feel stuck.  They feel like they can’t get over the loss of a loved one or something that they’ve lost. And that’s what you’re talking about, right? That’s a way to envision how you want to feel. 

Medina: Yeah. Right? Exactly, exactly envisioning how you want to feel or whatever desired outcome. It doesn’t need to be material. It could definitely be even health-related. Mental health, physical health, spiritual health, and emotional health and financial health. So those are the five things that I normally like to cover because I’m into holistic healing and being a holistic advisor and an Ambassador of holistic alternative methods to finding peace. 

Debra: Love it, love it!  

12 Universal Laws and Visualization

Medina: Yeah so and I want to go back to the 12 Universal Laws because whenever we’re visualizing things with what we call our mind’s eye or our third eye or it’s technically in scientific terms known to be the pineal gland. And the pineal gland according to not only ancient civilizations, mystics, doctors and science, it is also doctors and scientists is known to be the seat of the soul. So the pineal gland or your mind’s eye or your third eye is like the cockpit of a spacecraft. It’s like it’s the pilot seat of our space suit that we know to be our physical human bodies, our vessels. 

And these 12 Universal Laws when we’re using our mind’s eye, pineal gland, third eye, we’re utilizing these 12 Universal Laws. And if anybody has seen, there’s a documentary that really put things in perspective for me at the time. There’s a book and it’s also a video documentary. It’s called “The Secret” the secret law of attraction. And the secret law of attraction explains it. It’s pretty much like an hour and a half to two hours. 

I highly recommend the audiobook too, ladies and gentlemen. It dives deep into the 7th Universal Law which is the Law of Attraction. And the Law of Attraction, now all twelve universal laws are laws that are constantly at play. They’re always at work. They’re immutable, there’s no way to stop these laws. They’re like the laws of our whole universe and multiverse and all of creation so that’s why they’re called the 12 Universal Laws. 

Debra: And we’re going to have you back to talk about all of them. I know we were focusing on two that you always mentioned to me. The Law of Attraction and then the one? 

Medina: Yeah and then the very first one is one that I like to touch on and that’s the Law of Oneness. Now when we watch and when we listen to “The Secret Law of Attraction, it’s like I said an hour and a half to two hours of simply focusing on number seven. They don’t even really mention anything about the other 11 Universal Laws. And that’s why I want to take a moment to heavily stress to our listeners right now. Not right now, after we get done because we’re still dropping a lot of jewels. After we get done, lookup the 12 Universal Laws. Please make yourself familiar. This is ancient knowledge that secret societies and the elite have purposely kept away from the masses. And with great knowledge comes great responsibility. If you find yourself here in this now moment hanging out and chilling with Debra and I, you’ve called this into your experience. You’ve asked for this. That’s why we are here in the now moment. Specifically telling you to take a note lookup:

The 12 Universal Laws. 

    1.  The Law of Divine Oneness.
    2.  The Law of Vibration.
    3.  The Law of Action.
    4.  The Law of Correspondence.
    5.  The Law of Cause and Effect.
    6.  The Law of Compensation.
    7.  The Law of Attraction.
    8.  The Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy.
    9.  The Law of Relativity.
    10. The Law of Polarity.
    11. The Law of Energy
    12. The Law of Gender

Medina: The first one I’m going to tell you about is the Law of Oneness and the Law of Oneness specifically reminds us, now don’t, I want to express I want to clearly express myself to our brothers and sisters that these 12 Universal Laws are not new to you. It might seem new to you right now. And it may be a little bit foreign, but once you read these 12 Universal Laws you will resonate with them to such a high level in such a heavy degree and high frequency that you will have a sense that you are being reminded of something that you’ve you already knew. Debra: Yeah, exactly, exactly and that’s what’s beautiful about it too. 

Medina: It is, now my experiences have been brought upon through traditional Native American ceremonial settings with Ayahuasca and different plants that have led me into these places in our mind of great peace of great harmony and understanding and compassion and acceptance and bonding and bliss and the list goes on. You, Debra, have you had a very life-altering experience with the death of your mother. 

Debra: Yes, my mother was an empath too.  

Medina: So what I feel like happened there is because in the Ayahuasca ceremonies it’s a rebirth experience.  In a rebirth experience, there is a certain degree of quote-unquote death that one would experience, and what I experienced is something known as ego death. And so how our stories are so awesome and unique and compatible is that you experienced your mother which was a piece of you that you self-identified with and she passed away. That’s like a piece of you dying. 

Debra: Absolutely. 

Medina: And that’s exactly what happened to me in the Ayahuasca ceremony. So this led us to a place in our mind where we had to put our emotions to the side. We had to recognize that we are way more powerful than this self-identification that we have created. And a lot of people say the ego mind creates this illusion of separation and that’s going back to the law of oneness. Which is the number one out of the 12 Universal Laws? 

The Law of Oneness explains that everything is connected in the organic living world. What does that mean to us here on earth? What that means to us is the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom and I like to say the insect and fungus kingdom because those play very intricate roles in our human experience today. Our ability to breathe clean carbon dioxide, oh wait, we breathe in oxygen we exhale carbon dioxide. LOL! 

Debra: Breath. 

Medina: See that is what happens when you get sucked into the oneness you forget about all the details, now. 

Debra: Right, right, all the terms that have been attached to things. So they’re terms that someone has identified as what already existed. 

Medina: Exactly. 

Debra: Yeah, it was already here. Air didn’t get a name it was, you know, somebody gave it that.

Medina: Yeah. 

Debra: But I want to go back to the Oneness because a lot of my listeners have lost someone. When I first lost my mother I did feel like I had lost part of myself and I did go through a lot of emotions. I think emotions are healthy.  I think they are human. Do they help us get to where we need to go if we just keep with them? Or did I have to go through emotions to come to the realization that my mother is still with me? 

Medina: Well, that’s different for everybody because people like you you had a very blessed shout out to your pops because from what I’ve heard he has a phenomenal, astronomically good job thorough job with raising his children and that’s what we like to hear that about fathers today that’s very important. 

Debra: And I want to bring him on, too because he’s a student of Ancient Civilizations. That’s his whole perspective is that we all need to go back to our ancient African ancestry because it’s there they formulated everything and it just it’s based on a lot of goodness but they, it got used for bad. It got secluded you know exclusive and then exclusive sort of let evil into it and then it manifested itself in a not so positive way.

But that’s another thing, I know we jumping all over the place. But that’s another thing I wanted to talk about is that. Because my Dad explained that we’re moving from the Age of Pisces which is suffering. Two thousand five hundred years. We’re not talking about the zodiac signs now we talk about the planetary movement. Not the stuff you say what do you do as a Pisces or whatever you do as an  Aquarius, but this is an Age. You know, like the Dinosaur Age. 

End of “Portal to Another World – Part 1” Interview with Host Debra Hester and Ruben MC Medina. To Be Continued in Part 2]

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