“Offer  empathy instead of just  sympathy  for those you serve, lead and counsel.”

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My Backyard Garden, A Memoir 

The Perfect Resource for Grief Counselors/Educators, HR/EAP Professionals, Ministers, Funeral Directors, Probate Lawyers, Life Insurance Agents, and Professionals Who Want To Show More Than Sympathy!

Losing a loved one is a difficult time for your clients, employees or members. Do you want to offer them an empathy gift that can mean more than sympathy, and last longer; now and throughout the years?  #empathyoversympathy  #empathyforgrief and loss.    

Don’t send the usual sympathy card, send this beautiful golden book as a way to show empathy, not just sympathy. For about the cost of a greeting card, this option offers grief support that is meaningful, affordable, unique and can be useful to individuals and shared within a family as they move through their grief journey. #empathyforgrief

My Backyard Garden, A Memoir - 2020 Book of the Year Award

“Grief,  loss  and  bereavement  are  universal  human experiences…Offer  empathy  not  just  sympathy”

My mother, Mrs. Alice Young Hester, pictured here teaching. She loved her students and loved teaching.  I’ve found that her students also loved her. She was pregnant with me in this old black and white photo. She worked up to the day before I was born.

We understand grief first hand. Mother’s Backyard Inc., MB Enterprises and my book, My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief, were born due to the death of my mother.

My Mother, on her deathbed, told me “here is your book.” She told me to create something that can help others. Create something that can help the children.

Mother’s Backyard believes that the best place a child can learn and grow is in a loving family and that loving family environments will extend to building better communities for us all.

A  Valuable  Resource  For

Funeral Directors


HR/EAP & Grief EDUCATORS & Counselors

Probate Lawyers

Life Insurance Agents

and  Your  Clients 

To have that loving family environment, even the best of families have to address and overcome many difficult times. Mother’s Backyard is a non-profit that is focusing on those topics and those times when families need support. As you know, the loss of a loved one to death is one of those times families need grief and loss assistance.

So MBE offers the book, My Backyard Garden, A Memoir of How Love Conquers Grief as a resource for those family members or friends who may be grieving and suffering in silence long after the funeral services. #empathyforgrief

The book is a brief read and was written to help those who need to read about someone else’s grief journey so that they can open up about their own emotions, gain insights into their journey ahead and continue to move forward. 

MBG, A Memoir supplements our FREE podcasts, #empathyforgrief – Break the Silent Struggle on our Mother’s Backyard Buzz page, or through your favorite podcast provider.  We also offer a copy of the book as part of our MOVE Mapping™ Experiences. 


Grieving Alone & Together Free eBook (COVID_19 Support)

Responding to the loss of a loved one during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click here to get this free resource offered through the Funeral Services Foundation.     

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My Backyard Garden is available online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Please contact me to learn more and receive special volume pricing to show your clients who are grieving more empathy by calling 1.901.860.4631 or emailing mdhester@mothersbackyard.com

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